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Denni Elias for Mode Gal magazine cover

It seems  unreal when you see yourself on the cover of a magazine. One year ago this fact wouldn't have crossed my mind.
  About 2 months ago I was shot by the NYLON Japan team to be on their special issue, Mode Gal,  in a very large spread (12 pages of it!). I was thrilled and excited for collaborating with them and honored for being chosen  to be kind of the "image" of EModa (coolest Japanese brand and designer) in this issue.
One day before the shoot, I didn't know if I was reading well in the itinerary sheet, but it said something like this: " Shooting Denni for the cover at the Studio". Wait!!.. on the cover?! (I then remembered I actually saw the magazine when I was in Tokyo with Lindsay Lohan on the cover..)

Now that the magazine is out, the 2nd issue, it all becomes more real. Much more when I receive so much great e-mails sending me the news that I'm on the cover everywhere in Japan!  Everything at the shooting for the magazine went  so well, and honestly, I was so nervous for the cover! 
Thank you so much to the lovely NYLON Japan/ ModeGal team, the sweet designer Ena, Saga, an amazing photographer, and each one of you, for appreciating what I love doing! 

I'll soon post the complete spread!