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Tokyo, J'adore

There are places where taking photos is just inevitable & Tokyo is perfectly one of them.  It´s quite complicated to downsize the amount of  pictures  from hundreds to just a few, so I try to post some that are meaningful of what I did there and anything that caught my eye, or anything random.

This time the Tokyo photodiaries include some things like (almost in order): 
Finishing breakfast in Ginza/ The view from my room on the 21st floor / Inside the taxi outside Shinjuku station/ Dolce & Gabbana clutches (this for me, like candy for kids) / Public transportation ( wondered whtere other countries should copy it for a nicer transportation appearance) / Getting ready for a day off / Shibuya buildings / the always crowed Takeshita Dori street, in Harajuku / Taxis at night / my hotel this time / Walking in Omotesando / pretty traditional japanese house- and trees / seeing stars from my window (on a gold Dolce dress) / Tokyo fast food! / at Takeshita Dori with a 200yen plastic umbrella / convenience store/ Gerbe tights and Prada's / favorite coffee in my favorite Ginza café / Pucci velvet dresses / Miu Miu printed building around Yurakucho station / peach cocktails and japanese dinner with friends / Getting ready, again / Outside a ramen restaurant / showing off panthers